Thursday, March 10, 2016

First Step to a Better Life

     It is one six letter word that most would cringe at the thought of.  A simple six letter word that will affect all of us throughout our lifetimes, it is inevitable.  The direct truth of the matter is that our lives are constantly changing.  There is a direct response to how people react to change.  It all depends on which mindset you choose to employ.  This mindset will generally determine, the amount of happiness in your life, whether you enjoy your career, how you manage your relationships, it can even effect how much money you make.

The Fixed Mindset
     In my travels and trips I have spoke to many different kinds of people, among many different socio-economic backgrounds and I have discovered that people who have a fixed mindset are generally dissatisfied with their income, relationships, career, and direction in life.  A fixed mindset is a personal belief that the skills, intelligence, abilities or traits are what you are born with and there is little to no chance of changing or improving these traits.
     These types of mindsets have a limited belief structure that inhibits growth and change.  Those who choose this mindset usually have learned it from a negative situation or through an acquired trait from someone they are close with, such as a parent or friend.   It is outlined by people who are overly concerned with the optics of how they appear to others rather than an inward view of their personalities. They are made up of people who have emotions of bitterness towards those who succeed, a general sense of victim hood or entitlement, and live lives full of stagnation and adverse cyclical patterns.  The effects of the fixed mindset can be changed by a conscious, honest look at ones' self and a determination to employ a growth oriented mindset rather than a fixed mindset.
The Growth Mindset
     While discussing the habits of success or the traits that many people equate to success with others I find that all of the people who anyone would consider 'successful' employ a growth oriented mindset.  This is defined as a revelation in ones life where there is a conscious decision to change and improve any talent, skill, trait, or ability.  Having the growth mindset is employed by having a belief system that is virtually limitless.  These people believe they can achieve anything and not only do they believe and plan, but they act on those beliefs everyday.
     People who believe in acquiring the growth mindset organize their daily schedules in ways that allow time to work on improving the traits and abilities in which they desire to improve.

In conclusion, having a growth oriented mindset is the difference between those who achieve the things in which they desire and those who do not.
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