Friday, March 29, 2013

What Kind Of Person Are You?

      As I have been working on my book over the past year I come across wonderful information that I need to share with others.  My studying of attitude and its applications toward success has always been a passion of mine.  This time I feel though as if I am learning more than I am teaching.  I am more than excited to see a work that I have labored so diligently on almost be finished.  It will be exciting to finally hold the completed product in my hands.  With that being said I challenge you to look inside yourselves and determine what type of person you are.  There is a poem I came across by a woman named Ella Wheeler Wilcox.  It is titled, "Which are you?" :

      There are just two kinds of people on earth today,
      Just two kinds of people, no more, I say.

      Not the sinner and saint, for it's well understood,
      That the good are half-bad and the bad half-good.

      Not the rich and the poor, for to rate a man's wealth,
      You must first know the state of his conscience and health.

      Not the humble and proud, for in life's little span,
      Who puts on vain airs, is not counted a man.

      Not the happy and sad, for the swift flying years
      Bring each man his laughter and each man his tears.

      No; the two kinds of people on earth I mean,
      Are the people who lift, and the people who lean.
      Where ever you go, you will find the earth's masses,
      Are always divided in just these two classes.

      And oddly enough, you find find too, I ween,
      There's only one lifter for every twenty who lean.

      In which class are you? Are you easing the load,
      Of overtaxed lifters, who toil down the road?
      Or are you a leaner, who lets others share
      Your portion of labor, and worry and care?

This wonderful work was written in 1896.  It is heartfelt and you can tell the emotion in which the author felt towards the subject of which she was writing.  So with my hand I too create a work.  I am excited to say that my book will be finished very soon for the public to enjoy.  I only hope that it inspires as many people as I wish it would.  Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog today.  It is my hope that you enjoy it and use today wisely, you will never have today back again.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Two People

What I have been contemplating over the past week or so is just how depressed some  people actually get.  IT bothers me so much that I wanted to tell a story about two very different kind of people.

      When we first encounter Steve we see that nothing is special.  Everything about Steve is average.  He lives in a nice house in a nice neighborhood with a decent car, an average job and a nice girlfriend.    To some people they would consider Steve a success, he has nice things, has worked hard for them, but never gotten anything he has really inspired to have.  He lives to be comfortable.  He lives to be average, it is what he has always done.  His dreams of owning his own construction company have long been forgotten thanks to his seemingly secure job.

      Next we stumble upon the life of Stacey.  She seems to be either out of her mind or unstable.  She lives in a small apartment with her cat and never seems to have a good job or a prospect of a good job.  Yet she is not like Steve, she is always trying something new, always desiring to learn more and above all, she takes risks every week to try to improve her situation.  Her dream is to build a house in the mountains and have a horse farm.  In many peoples eyes she is a failure.  She has no real income, a small place, and not too many nice things.  The genius of Stacey's plan is the potential she carries with her on a daily basis.  It is easy for her to look at someone like Steve and feel like she will never amount to anything but instead she continues working on her ideas and her projects which she plans to one day be able to sell and start saving for her horse farm. 

      If you ask someone who they would rather be like if they had a choice, they would probably choose Steve.  He has nice things, nice house, a nice car. In most peoples eyes the stability that Steve has outweighs the potential that Stacey's life has.  In other words people stick with the 'sure thing' even if it may not necessarily be just that, a sure thing. 

      Lets flash 5 years into the future.  Stacey has become a virtual success by selling a book she wrote and has made enough money to leave her little apartment and start her horse farm in the mountains.  All her hard work and pursuit of her dream has finally paid off, she is now living proof.  Many people call her lucky when she actually just never gave up.  But check out Steve over there, he is no closer to achieving his dream of owning his own construction company because he still does the same average job he was in 5 years ago only now he makes 1.75 more an hour.  He tends to despise people like Stacey because he feels he has done everything 'right' and gone out and gotten a good job and stayed at that job even though it meant giving up on that dream. 

      So I suppose the moral of the story is that your dreams are more powerful than you think they are.  Alot of people may think you're crazy but that just means you're on the right track.  So stay motivated and work even harder.

One more thing:  Never let an unsuccessful person tell you that you won't be successful.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top Five reasons I love my wife...

      There are alot of relationships out there that need a little more of this.  This blogpost is from my heart, it is true.  I believe we would be better off as a society if people treated eachother better.  That starts with how you treat your spouse.  This is intended to help others think about what they love the most about their spouse, and to maybe remind them if they have forgotten.  I am not trying  to boast here, my only intentions are to help those who need some encouragement.

5. Motherhood - My wife is an excellent mother and I give her so much credit for making my house a home.  The way she is with our two sons is amazing. She is patient, loving, and wise.  This is one of the reasons I wanted to marry her in the first place.  She knows how to deal with the children without bias and I appreciate her for all she does for our children.

4. Supportive - People who know me personally know that I am an adventurer through and through and tend to dive into projects rather spontaneously.  I know this can cause alot of stress on a spouse who may not be patient enough or brave enough to see it through but my wife is behind me every step of the way.  Not there to nag me when my crazy idea didn't work but to tell me how she knows that if this idea didn't work then we are one step closer to success with the next one.  She told me shoe will follow me anywhere and I can smile because of that.

3. Her Spirit - The way she carries herself.  She acts like a lady out in public very reserved except with those she is closest to.  This is probably one of the things that makes her so attractive.  She is exceedingly beautiful but there are so many more reasons to love her than aesthetics alone.  The fact that she just has a kind way about her and a peaceful presence is a great thing to have in your life and your home.  I am grateful she is this way.

2. Positive - Like me, she also is very positive.  This was a requirement in marrying me. Just kidding. She always looks at things and how we can make them better instead of letting the worst of the worst get us down.  Everyone goes through their tough times but with her attitude they do not seem so bad.

1. Patient - Anyone can care for another person but the true testament of their love is what they do when the other person hurts them or lets them down.  She is one of  the most patient women I have ever met.  She has always been there, maybe not happy, but never willing to give up on our relationship.  The communication that we have developed has only gotten better over the years and it helps us support eachother everyday.  With her patience everyday is sweeter.

I love my wife and am very grateful for all she does for me and my family.

Monday, March 18, 2013

If making money with your business isn't easy...

There are 5 basic principles one MUST follow in order to be successful in their business endeavors.  I know that each and every business model is different but there are unmistakable habits and principles that the great businesses apply to their organizations. Here is a breakdown of the five in order of importance.  After all if you aren't doing these 5 things making money with your business is probably more difficult than it has to be. 

1. Organization of your vision - One of the largest issues I find with people who run their own gig is that they lack a solid vision for the course of their company.  I liken the vision of a company to its soul, without a vision a company has no soul.  So the first thing to figure out is are you cut out to manage this company and come up with the vision for it and then apply that vision.  Every great company has this we all know their slogans.  As the head of your organization you should have the sight to be able to lead accordingly although if you feel as if you don't then you should hire someone else who has the drive and vision for the company.   Many business teachers will tell you to ' use your strengths and hire your weaknesses.'  A good leader will know what he is good at and were they are weak.  Strive to outline a vision and then never hesitate from organizing it throughout your business.

2. Raise your prices -  Yes, that's what I said.  If you are in an industry that has the leeway to fluctuate prices, I suggest you raise them.  I believe you should offer an excellent product or service with alot of customer oriented perks and charge a premium for it.  This way your profit margins will be higher and the amount of 'annoying' customers will be minimal.  That way you spend less time on the cheap customers who cause all of the customer service issues and have more time to dedicate to your best customers, who will most likely do more business when you give them more time.  It is simple Pareto's Law of 80/20 Principle.  Don't worry about what the competition will do, just make sure your product or service leaves your customer in awe, and that won't think twice about going to your competition.

3. Encourage your employees - This sounds like it is a no brainer but you would be surprised how many business owners do not spoil their employees.  When I say spoil I don't mean you have to lavish them with outrageous benefits or company cars, but what I am referring to is more along the lines of issuing raises that are based on performance, giving employees perks that they can  work for everyday, to add bonuses to their paychecks.  It's not that hard to think up ideas if you really try.  The extra expenses will add up in the profits, with greater employee attitude we increase customer service, in turn we increase customer satisfaction.  Then your getting more customers.  Win - Win

4. Let tradition die - Cubicles. Middle managers. Corner offices.  Company cars.  Those are all things of the past.  To grow your bottom line look at all of your revenue ad see where you can make the cuts, cutting wages is never a good idea unless you are going under.  These traditions are stale old leftovers from a time forgotten.  We need to think more open, as the boss have your desk right along with everyone elses that way communication and work focus can all be more open.  People tend to goof off less when the boss is around, plus if your working along side of them it breaks the barriers of worker - boss stereotypes and keeps everyone on the same level.    People can come right to you with a question or you to them it is just one thing that can transform your office culture from a stagnant cesspool with no flow to a river of productivity and communication, couple with teamwork and camaraderie.  You have nothing to lose but more money, so break some barriers.

5. Earnest desire for customer satisfaction - The best companies out there and the ones that grow the most consistent are the ones who shock the customers with outrageous customer service.  It isn't hard to do, sometimes it just costs extra time or a little money but in the end your company's reputation is on the line, I suggest you back it up with concrete proof that you care for your customers.  It will pay you in the long run.  So wow your customers and they will wow you back.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Positive Attitudes Create Profitable Production

(PA) + (CT) = PP$
Positive Attitudes plus Creative Thinking equals Profitable Production

        As silly as it may seem I have shown how attitude can actually make you more money. In this little equation I put some basic human behaviors, just to show how easy it can be to organize your thoughts into making money and making the world a better place.  Negative actions and attitudes inhibit and destroy production, but positive attitudes and actions build and create productive tendencies and habits.  The same goes with thought processes of certain individuals.  As someone who is negative and destructive tears down ideas and possibilities, someone with a positive attitude encourages and creates value for society.  We need more of these people and that is why I am writing this post. To help inspire others to see the greatness that lies in every idea in its infancy.   So many ideas that are never brought to action because of hurtful words of a doubter, or the fear of failure slowly taking over someones brilliant mind. 

      The whole reason my company and I exist is to help encourage the thinkers of this world who haven't given up hope on the greatness of mankind.  Our ideas fuel the future generations of the world.   I for one will not let the lazy, destructive non producers of the world tear down the great and mighty spectacles that create every innovation and new idea.  I want to encourage you to stop being depressed about your current affairs and become entrenched in fighting for you thoughts.  Become engaged in creating something to leave behind to the multitudes for their benefit after you leave this earth.

What we need to see as a society is that great positive attitudes build creative ideas in one another and inspires encouraging abilities in those whom we may have never met.  All positive attitudes are encouraged by a persons individual thinking efforts and the thoughts that they portray towards a situation.  Positive actions and attitudes will build and create other positive actions and attitudes.  Apply these actions toward your everyday lives and prepare to help inspire others. 

Apply your creative thinking toward your ideas that you have cultivated and you can see the momentum start to build.  With consistent effort toward your goals achievement will soon be yours.  It is called failing forward, we all make mistakes especially when building or creating something of value.  Although depression can be a side effect of failure, I can assure you, there is no reason to be depressed it is simply a decision you make, to be depressed because of a certain outcome you have experienced.  The choice is yours decide to pick up on your idea right where you left off.  Your dreams will come true much faster if you can objectively look at things in this light instead of letting any bit of drama blow you off course. 

      Your end result will be a profitable production of your best thoughts and hardest work.  Momentum assures that.  Applied force over time will shape the future of your thoughts, unless you abandon them.  There is an old military quote that says " A battle without end will never be won." How can you expect to conquer your fears and succeed in achieving your goals without profitable production and creative thinking applied over time with consistent energy.  It is simply what it takes to make real money and give yourself the time freedom everyone is looking for in life.

      I hope that these have been encouraging words and look forward to writing some more later.  If you are looking for more information or a mentor.  May I suggest.

Stay positive out there

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

15 Success Principles To Remember

      Success.  Is it just another buzz word to be deposited into the annals of society, only to be spoken about by transient authors and psycology professors? Well, never! I know the word is tossed around alot, but it means so many different things to so many different people.

     Here are a simplified list of 15 of the most important principles you can study in relation to success.  I truly hope this help you as much as it helped me.


1 – Prepare

The first success principle is preparation. It’s the foundation of success. With preparation you create your own opportunities. Once you have all the different elements lined up, it only takes a small opening to realize your goal. At the same time, taking advantage of big opportunities without enough preparation means risking your success, as you’re building without a well-laid foundation.

2 – Do something you love

You have to work very hard whatever it is you choose to do. Your work or your project will dominate much of your time and your life. Therefore, find something that you enjoy doing and do that.

3 – Get started

You have to start somewhere. Today is as good a day as any to start. Get into action today and start moving in the direction you want. Putting it off can only lead to failure, whereas if you start and see an early setback, at least you conquered that setback early on.

4 – Move in the right direction

Keep everything moving in the direction you want. It doesn’t matter if things go slowly initially. As long as the overall direction is favorable, you’ll get where you want to go eventually.

5 – Use the power of dreams and your imagination

What you dream and visualize today will become true tomorrow. You just have to work on turning it into reality. Just as your dreams can only influence your life if you let them, the cities you build in your imagination can only become real if you build them.

6 – Think big

If you set your aim a bit too high you might fall short. If you set your aim too low you might achieve your goal… and miss out on the other opportunities. By thinking bigger, the only limit is what is possible. You’re no longer limited by what you think is possible.

7 – Focus on growth

Seemingly impossible challenges are just cleverly disguised opportunities for growth. If you take those challenges and, in solving them, improve yourself, you’ll find yourself continually moving in the right direction.

8 – Maintain your determination

With enough determination, you can succeed through almost any odds. Enough determination means you’ll find a way no matter the situation.

9 – Set a clear vision

Think through where you’ll want to go. Develop a clear sense of what your final goal is, and keep this with you. By knowing the destination you want to reach, you can continually look at your current path and decide if it’s a route that will help you get where you want to go.

10 – Set goals along the way

A final goal isn’t enough. You need intermediate goals that set the path. These goals should be specific, measurable, realistic, attainable, and timely. These intermediate goals define the steps that you need to take to get to the final one.

11 - Work out plans of action for your work

For each goal, it helps to have plans to reach them. Your plan describes how you can reach each step from where you are, or where you will be. Keep in mind that the future is never certain. Things rarely work out exactly how you plan. Therefore, see these plans as showing one or more possible routes, not necessarily the route you’ll end up taking.
Still, knowing the plan means you can avoid long detours that might compromise your chances of reaching a goal on time — or at all.

12 - Commit to taking action

Once you start going, keep going. Never, never, never give up. If you find an obstacle in your way, chip away at it or go around it. The only way to really fail is to give up. If you keep going you’ll succeed. If you hit the limits of what’s possible, you can regroup and find another way.

13 - Use affirmations

Affirmations are just short, positive, and above all direct phrases in present tense. Things like “I’m getting more and more successful.” The idea is that they reinforce a positive world view. With affirmations, you are defining your own reality. By transmitting a positive world view to your mind, it adopts this view. As your mind adopts this view, it helps shape the world around you to fit it, which means it helps make the world around you one that reflects a reality of you getting more successful every day.

14 - Get rid of negative influences

Avoid harmful influences around you that might shake you from your goal. Keep people and ideas around you that support your success and your belief in yourself.

15 - Be grateful and appreciate what you have

The final success principle is to appreciate what you have already. Realize that — by sheer virtue of the fact that you can be reasonably certain you’ll live from one day to the next — you already have enough. Enjoy it! Appreciate what you’ve achieved so far, and see that what you want, where you’re going, is not what you need or what you must do. Rather, these are things and actions that will make your situation even better.

So apply these daily and watch the things in your life and career change positivley for your and your family.  Find more at

*This List was borrowed from Check them out for some more insight.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Daily Change

      Everyday we wake up with the opportunity to inspire others or ignore them.  In today's society it is easy to stare at your smart phone and ignore a person in need.  It could be anythin,g, you don't know what people are going through, a smile could help someone more than you know.  That is what I am all about, my purpose in this life is to help others succeed at their life. 
      If you are just starting out on this journey of encouragement and inspiration, then you need to learn this one phrase that I learned when I first started, it was written by one of my favorite authors, John Maxwell.  The insight that this quote gave me was that I controlled my entire destiny, a truth that I knew but never applied until I heard this quote.
"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily."
      Think about that for a minute.  The key to the quote is the principle of discipline and consistency. You cannot change something in your life unless you master the discipline to develop the change you desire.  At the same time you cannot master the discipline until you learn to be consistent in the application of the discipline you are desiring to achieve.  I know it's a mouthful but read it over again, it makes sense, kind of a catch 22. 
      If you are stuck in the rut of life, miserable with a situation or circumstance, today is the day to change it, start doing something different to alter your existence for the better.  At our website we pride ourselves on the power of the right attitude, today is the first day of a new life you can begin to mold. With small incremental steps you can achieve great things with consistency and discipline over time.  It isn't easy to do and you will fail sometimes but the biggest thing to remember is that if you truly desire the change you have to develop a winner take all kind of attitude.  It doesn't matter if you fall but how long it takes you to get back up and keep going, the shorter the time frame the quicker you will reach the outcome you so desire. 
      I hope this has helped.  Just so you know I am  currently working on a MP3 download audio for daily developing daily discipline and consistency.  It will be perfect for listening to daily in the car on the way to work.  I should have it finished by Wednesday March 13.   I will also have a CD available for purchase if you would rather have that. 
     Looking forward to helping you achieve your dreams.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Leaders lead, whether they intend to or not

"Leaders lead by example, whether they intend to or not."

      I read a quote yesterday that inspired me to write this.  It goes something like this; " Just keep doing right, because you may be helping someone you've never met." When I heard that I thought it was a great concept.  That your actions in everyday life may be an inspiration to someone else maybe even someone you have never even met.

The most basic principle I can share about effective leadership would be that the greatest leaders don't ever think of themselves as leaders.  They just saw a need and filled the void, and as others watched them do it they were inspired to work along side of the one who first put forth the effort. 

It is mainly that simple,  to be that kind of person isn't an easy thing and a lot of experts say those kind of people cannot be taught.  I do believe some of that kind of thinking is true, that someone can be born with that kind of qualities.  Although, a persons true character comes from decisive actions and choices made to certain circumstances over time.  I truly believe that true leadership qualities come from being lead by a great mentor, having the right kind of attitude towards learning and mistakes, and being able to see the need for leadership when a situation presents itself. 

So basically, through effective teaching and mentoring over time, the right attitude and reaction to downfalls, in conjunction with see a need are the basic fundamentals of a great leader. 

Keep pressing on with your work even if you think no one else notices or even cares, because you may be inspiring someone to continue on with their work.  That may be one of the greatest rewards of your life time.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Road Less Traveled....


"If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success."

-John D. Rockefeller

     To those of you who know me, you could say that my entire life I have always been a little different.  What kind of person finds money in a store and gives it to the cashier in case the person who lost it came back looking for it, crazy right.  Well, I did that before.  How about someone who walks out of Walmart with something that the clerk didn't scan only to take it back in and pay for it, when I realized she never charged me for it, I did that 3 days ago.  So you can call me stupid for not taking advantage of the situation or you can call me a hero for actually doing to right thing.  One thing is for sure,  I am a bushwacker,  I don't follow the paths of those who have gone before me.  I make my own path.
       In my family we have a saying,  " Dare To Do Right".  It sounds simple but it is a lot harder to accomplish than presumed.  Don't get me wrong I am not perfect, just every once in a while  I actually do something that makes me proud, I screw up a lot too.  I am a human being.  I fail a lot but I fail forward.  It is easy to get stuck in the ruts of life, and want to follow the mundane paths of millions of other people, but that's when I find myself the most miserable, the most depressed and agitated.  I know that I am the happiest and most amiable when I am striking out on my own.  Doing my thing.
      So I guess this post is to the dreamers out there,  don't fall into the routines that are causing you to be unhappy, just because you think that it's the right thing to do.  It isn't you were made to make your own path,  so strike out and do something that is going to fulfill your deepest desires.  Don't let others dictate what you can or cannot accomplish.  I will leave you with this last bit of advice.
What are you doing today to make your tomorrow better?

For more Go to

Friday, March 1, 2013

Your Destiny


"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice."
                                                                                                                                  - Wayne Dyer

Write your own life, stop wasting your time on useless gimmicks that are slowly taking over.  I am not saying don't have some fun but we need to guard our time the way most people guard their money.  If someone was burning their money because they were bored we would think they were crazy.  Everyday I would bet almost everyone wastes some of their precious time.  As people we believe we have plenty, but we do not.  No one knows how much time we have left.

We our the masters of our own fate, but the last thing I want to do is look back on my life and wish I would have done it differently.  At that point it 's too late.  I want to control my life now, make the decisions that will bring lasting change into my life.  I believe there are 3 things we must do to take control of our destiny. 

      1.  Wake Up!
We obviously need to realize that a change must be made, things will not change themselves.  It is proven in a law of physics, an object at rest will remain at rest.  We must realize that we want to change things in our lives.  Otherwise we will be in the same place as last year.

      2. Take Action. 
After you realize that you hate your life (just kidding), you will want to change certain things in it to alter the outcomes that you have been receiving.  So you realized that you want something different, you must now be that difference. Don't want to be poor, study on how you can make money a different way then you did before.  Don't want to be fat, get up an extra 20 minutes early and jump rope before you take a shower, and do it everyday( don't eat so bad either). The choices are yours to make.  There is just one multiplier in the formula.

      3. Consistency
We can make decisions and never act on them but that usually just depresses us more.  When you truly want to make a change you will actually get angry at yourself for not acting on your new direction in life, you will force yourself to alter your direction everyday, or live in disgust that you didn't.  This I have learned first hand, I hate the fact that I didn't stay consistent, in turn I would get even more depressed.  We have to remain consistent over time to let momentum kick in, once momentum starts it is super easy to continue to improve ourselves.  The key is to think long term and not to be discouraged when we don't see immediate results, results compound over time.

So stick with it, follow the blog and lets make this year the best ever, at least until next year.