Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is today the day you start, or is it tomorrow?

You say you want something different in your life, yet everything you do is the same.  You say you want a better job, but you never strive to achieve it.  You say you want to have a more enjoyable life, yet you listen to those around you who are miserable.

      Don't get me wrong we all are on that roller coaster called life.  One day your on top of the world the next you feel like you don't deserve anything.  Deep inside everyone of us is a desire to achieve more, whether that be more respect, more knowledge, more wisdom, more wealth, more happiness, the list is pretty much endless.  Sure, you don't hear many people talking about how they want 'more' in their lives, probably because people just don't want to come off as greedy or selfish.  But the truth is  people just want their needs met, that is what mostof the people want, including me, probably you.

     You can go through this life reacting to the situations you find yourself in or you can make decisions and take actions that control most of the situations that you face. Instead of looking to government or corporate leaders for direction, take your own stance and start your own beginning.

     Here is a little secret.  Do it today.  If you want next week, next month and next year to be drastically different you have to start changing your course today, even if it is a small thing, do it.  You stay with it, adding other things you want to positively change in your life to the list of the things you have already done and you will find yourself transforming over time.

     One of the most helpful hints I can give is to read 15 - 20 minutes of a self improvement blog or book everyday, also listen to 20 -30 minutes of audio from a motivational speaker or business leader instead of listening to music.  It will alter the way you think.  They are simple incremental changes that snowball into a tidal wave of positive alteration of your life. Trust me. I am proof.

      You life can be drastically transformed but only if you want it to be, then, with the right tools, it will be.  Then you can help others do the same.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is your life determined by luck?

      Do you think that you are unlucky? Ever wonder why certain things happen to you or your family?   I always thought luck was something that you could will on yourself.  That you are one hundred percent responsible for your destiny.  I never believed in the notion that bad luck just happens to people or things go wrong on purpose.  I do think that bad luck comes to those who don't do three basic things.
       One, the unlucky seem to never be prepared.  Those people who are always ten minutes late for work and always blame it on some situation rather than taking the personal responsibility.  There seems to always be an excuse for every time they are unprepared and forget something.  Have you ever heard someone like this say, " It's not my fault, my ....."   You can pretty much finish the sentence anyway you want.  If you want to over come this in your life, or help someone you know break this brutal habit, offer this advice.
                         1.  Take personal responsibility, and act on it.  Instead of an excuse say, " I am truly sorry for being unprepared, making myself late, and I take full responsibility for my actions.  I have no excuse, please forgive me for being late". - or whatever the thing was that was forgotten.  This almost forces you to be genuine and it plays on your conscience to actually act on it.  Then you must take steps to alter the behavior into more profitable outcomes.  If you can do this first step then you are on your way to making luck work for you.
      Second,  which kind of feeds off of the first one. When did your life's course become determined by your surroundings and not your actions.  This is my absolute largest pet peeve.  When I over hear someone blaming anything but themselves for there situation, I cringe.  I hear others say," it's the governments fault for the way I live", or "my college promised me a job when I got out of school", or "it's my bosses fault as to why I don't make enough" .  Crazy right, I have actually heard these things when I used to work collections.  There is no personal responsibility, but even worse there is no drive to alter the course.
                        2.  Alter your situation. This is the 'act on it' part of the first point.  If you realize you are pointing fingers at everyone but yourself and you do nothing about it you will be worse off than before.  Your conscience will eat you alive, ever wonder why selfish people are so miserable? They know they are selfish, so they get extremely bitter.  After you realize you are guilty of not taking responsibility, you must act on it.  So make a plan, and implement it until you can successfully destroy the finger pointing and the blame game.
      Finally,  When persuading luck to be on your side.  It always helps to have an excellent attitude.   I find it extremely hilarious when you get a dose of 'bad' luck you usually have a dose of 'crappy ' attitude.  Now I know that bad things happen sometimes and it isn't easy to think that things happen because of a certain choice or a specific thing that you did or did not do.  It is better we try to avoid that kind of thinking. 
                     3.  Fill your attitude with awesomeness.  This is generally your overall mindset.  It is alot harder to stay consistent with this aspect than others.  It is also the most rewarding.  Some people think that being negative and judgemental all the time is why they are meant to be in this world.  They wear it as a badge of honor, it is very sad.  They bring other people down and criticize everything they do but never try anything new themselves.  These folks do not have a problem with you, but with themselves.  This is what happens when you become so bitter and prideful you never want to change.  We must avoid this.  Which is why concentrating on having an excellent attitude all the time is so important.  It can turn good moments in great ones, it can turn bad moments into lessons to learn from, and it can turn utter catastrophes into moments of reflection. 

Basically,  if you can take the positive out of every situation, and are grateful for the situations you have then luck can actually turn out to be something you wield as a sword.  Almost at your command, so don't wait on taking the action to remedy your current life's condition.  Make the world a better place because you can.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To My Followers..... I am Sorry.

      I am sorry that as a human I have made mistakes.  I truly want to be a titan of industry, a self made blogger, but I have lost sight of the basics that I have been trying to portray. Those basics such as honesty, integrity, a desire to do what's right.  My goal in starting my blog and starting my website was indeed to start my own business and work from home.  My ultimate goal was to help other people achieve the things in life that they themselves didn't believe they could obtain.  I wanted to help, motivate, and inspire.

      The reason I am writing this now is primarily because I feel that I, myself have become lost in the jungle of what we call the internet, with its promise of quick money, and easy work.  I have to admit I am intrigued by all of that but know deep down that successes come from simple, small, detailed execution of hard worked plans, and the consistent application of those plans over time to build something of value. 

      I am sorry.  Sorry for being impatient.  Sorry for running a business website that was grossly disorganized.  Please accept my apology, and follow this truly amazing blog.  That I really only want to inspire others with.

      I have revamped the website and am excited by it, I hope you are too.

Enjoy, share with others, and as always stay awesome.

Tim Zugger

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Do It Today

               Do it today. Do it right now.  Stop making excuses for letting opportunities go by.  When do you think your life is going to change?  Do you think it is going to change by magically doing the same thing you have done for the last 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years.   Absolutely not.   If you are tired of your circumstances, never having enough cash, or enough time, make that choice right now to make tomorrow different.  
           Hey, I can't promise that it's going to be easy or quick.  But what I do know is if you make a decision to change your life and everyday that is your focus, then there is no stopping you.  It is your attitude and drive that will separate you from all the other people that are miserable with their lives and do nothing but complain about it.

                Get up right now, do your research, partner with us and our affiliates we all have broken those chains of tying money to time.  It is called freedom.  Sure we do work an awful lot but we a compensated for it exponentially compared to our 40 hour a week punch in, punch out counterparts. 

                  To put it simple you don't need to know how to program a website, or other technical aspects, the way me and my team get this down is all through blogging.  That's it. Everyday.  Granted we all own our own business' so there are costs that need to be spent.  But they do not amount to much and most of the advertising we do is free.  It totally up to you. 

             The bottom line is, if you want this year to be different and you are sick of living paycheck to paycheck then come check out what already works, these few companies that are true and legitimate. Even on company that is rated AAA+ with the BBB.  You can't beat that.

             So join our groups today, and live the life you want tomorrow.  Only one thing you have to motivated to make it work.  Talk to you guys on the other side.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Tired of being tired ?

Hate your job?

Don't like being a slave to your boss?

We'll I don't really know anyone who has it easy and loves everything about there life, but working from home is easy and fun if you are careful and determined.   If you put an insane amount of effort into your typical job,  typical meaning trading your time for money,  then why not put the same amount of effort into a job that can work for you once you get it established a non-traditional job, one where you work then get paid for it over and over. 

It may sound 'different' or too good to be true but it is 2013, I was tired of the regular jobs in this life, so I struck out on my own and now work with some of the most successful people on the Internet.

And you can too,  If you want to change, with us you can fire your boss in 3 months.  Or you stay doing the same thing you do everyday and complain to your friends and coworkers about how you have no money or hate your job, or both.  So take action now.... You will not regret it.

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