Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are you a failure?

Why do you fail?  The many things we try to accomplish as human beings are mostly met with some type of failure.  Tests, jobs, relationships, you name it many of us have failed something along the way.  The reasons are great and numerous it would take me all day and most of tomorrow to try to come up with every little menial reason about why failure is such a part of our lives.  So instead I will ask you to invite failure into your life.  Yes, you heard me correctly. 

               One thing I find is that people I meet who are so 'afraid' of failure are also the same people who never want to change anything in their lives.  They are also the same people who complain the most about the job they hate or how successful someone else is and that it isn't fair.  They seem to always be putting someone down for trying something new or striking out on a feeling that they have. 

               I invite each and everyone of you to wake up everyday and start a new thing.  If I have learned anything from being my own boss it is that failure isn't a result, it is a process.  You will nevr fail if you don't try but you will never progress if you try and fail then stop.  In order to truly make it to wherever it is you want to find yourself, you must fail forward, that is, you try, you fail, you look at what you did wrong and you try again.  You must program yourself to think of failure as a stepping stone, not a destination.  You can't reach your goal without stepping stones that guide you along the way.

              Do something different, start something new, stick to it even if you fall down and get back up brush off the dust and try it again in a different way, learn from your mistakes and nothing can hold you back from living the life you deserve and desire. 

Have a great and productive day.