Monday, April 28, 2014

The Largest Problem in Your Drive Toward Success

                   Look into the mirror.  The person staring at you is the only one that can make a difference in your life that has a majority decision in the things that make you grow.  The person looking back at you knows every secret, every lie, every little thing that makes you cringe.  They also know the true intentions of every word spoken and act delivered.  You cannot fool this person, it is you.

                    In your strive toward success the outlook must be above that person in the glass.  It is true that material things help build a foundation for a vision but as you learn more and become greater in your knowledge you realize that helping others and bringing others with you as you drive to become a successful leader, you will only create leaders in others, helping them to achieve their dreams as yours unfold before your eyes. 

                I know that admitting to yourself that learning leadership and helping others is the greatest path toward gaining success for yourself and your family.  This can be difficult to accept.  Surround yourself with others who desire the same goals.  Build a unique vision that motivates you through the rollercoaster of life and remember to smile at the great times you experience.  Build a vision for yourself and your family use the associations you have with others in your team to drive that vision toward reality.  Remember it isn't a change of circumstance you need it is a change of thinking.  Change your thinking and you can change your life.

      Look back into the mirror, if you want something bad enough no one can stop you from attaining it.  You are the biggest obstacle in your achievement  of your desires but you are also the solution.