Friday, July 11, 2014

Attitude Drives Life: Our Main Mission

           Over the past few years my blog, Attitude Drives Life, has touched on numerous topics such as failure, success, business management, attitude in general, to name a few.  This has brought me to the conclusion; What is my main focus?  What is my mission, the desire I have to share my expertise with others.  After giving it a lot of thought over the past few weeks I am ready to say that I want to become the number one person who is an expert on ATTIUDE and how it effects people and their lives.  I feel that through my personal experience that teaching this topic is going to be my way I can change the world around me.  By inspiring, teaching and making a difference. 

           So over the next few days I will begin to implement my mission statement and start redesigning my blog and website to correspond to my focused desire in which I have decided to achieve.   My entire life has brought me to this point, this intersection.  I was never meant for a 'regular job' anyone who knows me can attest to that. I have always been different and unorthodox in the way I do things, but I excel and enjoy at meeting new people and helping those I meet.  My skills and knowledge has inspired me to become an author, blogger, instructor and motivational speaker.  There is no reason why I cannot achieve this.  This is what I want to create.  This is what I want to own.

          Areas I would like to focus on are; how attitude effects relationships, leadership, business, the work place, success, management  and your personal life in general. 

          So feel free to visit my homepage at to follow us, and for our new video training courses which will be coming in the very near future.  An please like us on facebook and follow the blog.  All I wish to accomplish is to create value to help change peoples lives and be authentic and transparent about it.

Thank you for being a reader if you have followed over the last few years.  If not I ask you to consider becoming a reader now by following.  Any questions or comments are welcome below.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve.