Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Motivation Starts Your Journey, Habit Finishes It

This is a quote I want across from my bed every morning.  When I wake up it will greet me with a smile, to set my mindset on more important tasks.

 "Motivation starts your journey; habit finishes it."

 Such as following through on the greatest works in my life.  This is paramount in anything you do in your life.  The statement is echoed by thousands of people in society mostly leaders and professionals who know the 'secrets'.  Even though they are not very secret.

These people who have the things in their lives which others folks may desire to have are usually brought about by many of years of failure, hard work and sacrifice. Of course ordinary people are too 'cool' to really apply any of these principles to their lives for an extended period of time.  Usually these people are the ones who complain most about the things the successful have even though they can attain the same things if they were willing to shut off the TV and get to work.

I encourage you to start something in your life, even if it may seem insignificant, it may lead to huge changes and great things.  Take that leap, and stick with it.  Always know that their are leaders and mentors everywhere that can encourage and motivate you along you path.

One of these such examples is our site www.attitudedriveslife.com  I hope you take them time to subscribe to the blog and like our website. 

Motivation Starts Your Journey, Habit Finishes It