Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top 5 Reasons To Be Grateful Everyday

Attitude Drives Life exists to help others find everything they are striving to achieve.  Below are the Top 5 Reasons We Need To Be More Grateful.  Although we all have our problems and our heartaches that we must go through.  This list is intended to remind everyone what really matters in life, especially this time of year.

5. Thank God that you were born into a free society.  Whether that be any of the major developed countries we should be grateful.  This simple fact ensures basically the rest of the list.  So before you complain about a line at the store, or a traffic jam, remember that those could be the least of your worries had you been born somewhere else.

4. Can you read this?  If you can that means someone cared enough about you to teach you how to read, 98% of all illiteracy is in undeveloped countries( see #5 ) and 2/3 of those are women.  So hug a teacher and or your parents for taking the time to develop this often taken for advantage skill that we possess.

3. If you are reading this (#4) that means you have Internet access.  Which through deductive reasoning I can make the following assumption.  You live somewhere that has four walls a roof a floor and some form of heat.  That is a home, they come in different shapes and sizes but anyone who is reading this most definitely has one.  We complain too often about petty things when we actually have it very well off.  Be thankful.

2. Your life could be so much worse off than it is now.  Little things make up life, and we should be grateful for them. Sure we all have our problems and issues but really look around.  You probably aren't currently incarcerated, high on crack, bleeding to death in an alley way, or being chased by a contract killer.  Some of you might be. That's none of my business, but the vast majority complains too much about the smallest things like, nothing on tv, slow Internet, getting killed in our video games, traffic, ignorant people, lines at the store, or even how someone looks at you.  In my opinion we all need to slow down, let someone in the store go ahead of us, smile at that person on the street, take a break from the Internet and video games, shut off the tv and spend time with your kids or call your parents, forgive the ignorant people, and be grateful for getting stuck at that red light, maybe you will avoid an accident because you got stuck at that light.    Just smile because your alive.

The last one:
1. Being thankful for friends and family:  Even if you don't have family you most likely have friends. Sometimes you love them, sometimes you hate them, but they will always be your family and friends. I know everyone isn't the same and some things happen but there is usually always someone you can turn to during an emergency, and a shoulder to cry on when your sad. These make up the people whom we should never take for granted ' for who knows what a day may bring'.  

God Bless.