Sunday, August 4, 2013

Today You are Alive

       Our lives are much shorter then we think they are.  When we are young we feel as if we could never die.  Most likely it is the furthest thing from our minds.  The reality is we all will be gone someday, it is unfortunate but no one lives forever.  Which is why I implore everyone whose eyes read these lines below to take a step back from their busy lives surrounded by work and obligations and focus on setting a goal to inspire others to lead great lives.  Think of that reality.  We may only be here for a unknown number of years.  So the best chance you have at achieving greatness is to implement it into your daily lives.  I want to challenge you to do this.

       As cliché as it may seem there is only one day that matters, that is today.  We have to unhinge our focus on the distractions of yesterday and the thoughts of tomorrow.  We will accomplish this by channeling our focus on today through the implementation of a working plan or a living outline guide.  I believe that as a society we are constantly urged and pushed to get out of balance, through subconscious things we pick up everywhere( TV, radio, advertising, etc.) if we do not have a map or guide it is easy to become bogged down and left feeling like we have no direction.  This is why I urge people to limit their down time activities to include the making of goal and dream outlines that help guide your focus during the day to day grind.  It is easy to get distracted. 

       Today is the only today you will ever live.  It is different than yesterday and tomorrow will not bring the same things as today.  Use your today to inspire, encourage, and motivate.  You do not know it but someone is watching you, admiring you from afar, and the next nice little thing you do could give them the courage or inspiration they need to make a great change in their life.  You may never even know it.  Think of other people today, instead of yourself, you will find that you feel more self-served when you tend to focus on the smallest needs of others first.  It is a wonderful thing. 

       Make a schedule that implements a plan to work toward accomplishment of your dreams and desires.  Don't just think that it will magically happen one day.  Be real and live in the reality that today is the only day you have to work towards your goals, you are not guaranteed another day.  So work towards those desires earnestly, show the world that you can make a positive difference.

       I do not mean to bring up the topic of death as a reminder to us that we face an inevitability but only to encourage and motivate you to use the time that you have been given to do wonderful things, not evil things. The reason I write about this topic today is that a friend of mine lost her brother recently and you never know when you're time is up and I wanted to inspire others to realize that when it's you're time it is better to have used it well in helping and encouraging others, such as my friends brother did, rather then be wishing you had done more when your journey is complete.

       So I ask you now to be like my friends brother, make others laugh, it may be just what they need for their day.  Say hello to someone new, show someone you care through a nice gesture or courtesy, make a new friend.  It is what he would have wanted and I am sure we can all find it within ourselves to be a little less selfish and go out of our way to show some generosity towards others.  Today is you're day, make sure you live it to the fullest, there will never be another day like today.