Thursday, October 3, 2013

Think like this. It will solve everything.

       You're selfish.  Face it; that is the hard reality.  Are we not programmed to take care of ourselves first.  Think of every single problem that arises in this world.  It stems from a belief in selfishness.  Whether its forcing some people to believe the way someone else believes, taking things from someone who you think doesn't deserve it, or just saying things that hurt someone else's feelings.  All of those problems come from the root of selfishness.  We cannot change this thought process in the world over night; but if each one of us really reflected on what is important in our lives and changed the way we react and the things we expect; real change could be made.  One person at a time.

       We are all selfish. This is where all of our headaches come to us from; especially in relationships.  The reason people fight or end their marriages are always some from of selfishness.  Think about it.  Can't we just have faith that it is your spouses job to fulfill your needs and your job to fulfill theirs.  Leave it at that and stop trying to have it all. Be more patient and think about other people in this world.  Especially when those people are your family.

       If we were all more patient and took time to appreciate things for what they are we would live in a better world.  We need to kill our selfishness and help others who necessitate it, encourage those who need encouraging, love those who need to be loved, and always know that your needs will get met. Always, if you are reading this you most likely are not starving or homeless, so you are better off then 90% of the world anyway.

Treat everyday as a gift.  Be more patient.  Take care of others like you would take care yourself.