Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Great Steps to Organize Your Life. Now!

  Ever feel like you are making changes and working hard but never making any progress?  It is a feeling many people struggle with.  I would like to say you are not alone and you are most likely a victim of your own complexity.  We desire change in our lives but do not realize how simple the little things can be to change.  We complicate things to the point where they are unrecognizable and we get frustrated and give up to going back to what is secure, easy, and safe.  We are trapped by our own complications.    So how do we break these cycles of frustration and get the proverbial truck out of the mud.

1. Focus on your destination.

      If you have these feelings of stagnation and frustration in your desire to change things in your life it is most likely because you have not effectively communicated your desired outcome to yourself.  How you communicate with yourself is one of the most important things we can learn in our lives.  Mastering this can help you accomplish how you look at situations differently than others and how you respond to changes. Self communication is the way you speak to yourself, it is how you tell yourself you are doing great or that you are terrible. It is often the difference maker in whether you succeed in life or whether you do not. Now in desiring change in our lives  what we need to do is specifically determine our destination.  How do you know which direction you are going if you don't have the map.  Make sure you know exactly where you want to be or what you want to obtain from making the specific change you are after. 

2.Outline a plan.

      Another reason most people feel like they are spinning their tires in the mud regarding to making lasting change in their lives is lack of an active plan.  Most folks truly want to change the negative habits in their lives but have no idea of how to get their.  They can see themselves at their destination but the course is foggy; with not a path to follow most people wander in circles eventually giving up on their desired outcome.  When people state their outcome; for example, if you want to lose 40 pounds.  They have a good picture in their head of what being 40 pounds lighter will seem like.  What most fail to do is communicate effectively with themselves on how to obtain this goal.  Anyone who needs to lose weight knows that dieting doesn't work for the long term and working out is usually difficult to stick with for the duration.  So you need to  change the way you talk to yourself.  Instead of planning a diet or joining a gym, take up a new hobby.  Something that will be fun to do, like kayaking, hiking, biking, or maybe playing a sport you have always wanted to play.  Then the focus is on enjoying your new hobby instead of the dread of going to the gym or how much food you can't eat with your new diet.  The natural result of your new hobby will be that you get to do something fun and you will lose weight in the process without even really thinking about it
.  It is win, win.  All by just adjusting how you speak to yourself and the type of plan that you choose to implement.

3.  Take action.

     No trip is every taken just because you have a map, an itinerary and a suitcase full of clothes.  You actually have to take some type of action to take a vacation.  Get in the car, on the plane or in the boat and take off.  Same is true for your outcome.  Take your destination, and your plan and take the first step.  Usually this takes you stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something you wouldn't normally do, but that is when you grow the most.  The sheltered plant in the shade doesn't grow, it withers.   Don't be that plant, step outside your comfort zone and take real action.  If you are not seeing any results than change your action to get the desired results that you are looking to attain. 

4. Reinforcement

     Experts say it takes about 21 days for you to form a new habit.  So don't give up on your new actions that are moving you toward your goals. Really enforce them and practice them over and over until they are solidified as new positive habits.  Then your desired outcome isn't only your goal but it becomes part of your life.  Reinforcement of your habits will determine your eventual success of your outcome.

5.  Educate others.

     Once you have followed the steps and actually accomplished changing poor habits in your life you cannot help but want to show others how to they too can change those little things in their lives.  Share with them the information they need, and encourage them every step of the way.  Let them know that if you can do it anyone can.  That is what I always tell people, I am just a normal person but I never gave up on my dreams for sake of safety or security.  I want to help others accomplish more in their lives and give up their poor habits and implement them with excellent ones.

I hope this post was helpful and have fun with your journey.  If you have anymore questions or seek more information check out my website at

.....and as always thank you!