Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is today the day you start, or is it tomorrow?

You say you want something different in your life, yet everything you do is the same.  You say you want a better job, but you never strive to achieve it.  You say you want to have a more enjoyable life, yet you listen to those around you who are miserable.

      Don't get me wrong we all are on that roller coaster called life.  One day your on top of the world the next you feel like you don't deserve anything.  Deep inside everyone of us is a desire to achieve more, whether that be more respect, more knowledge, more wisdom, more wealth, more happiness, the list is pretty much endless.  Sure, you don't hear many people talking about how they want 'more' in their lives, probably because people just don't want to come off as greedy or selfish.  But the truth is  people just want their needs met, that is what mostof the people want, including me, probably you.

     You can go through this life reacting to the situations you find yourself in or you can make decisions and take actions that control most of the situations that you face. Instead of looking to government or corporate leaders for direction, take your own stance and start your own beginning.

     Here is a little secret.  Do it today.  If you want next week, next month and next year to be drastically different you have to start changing your course today, even if it is a small thing, do it.  You stay with it, adding other things you want to positively change in your life to the list of the things you have already done and you will find yourself transforming over time.

     One of the most helpful hints I can give is to read 15 - 20 minutes of a self improvement blog or book everyday, also listen to 20 -30 minutes of audio from a motivational speaker or business leader instead of listening to music.  It will alter the way you think.  They are simple incremental changes that snowball into a tidal wave of positive alteration of your life. Trust me. I am proof.

      You life can be drastically transformed but only if you want it to be, then, with the right tools, it will be.  Then you can help others do the same.