Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is your life determined by luck?

      Do you think that you are unlucky? Ever wonder why certain things happen to you or your family?   I always thought luck was something that you could will on yourself.  That you are one hundred percent responsible for your destiny.  I never believed in the notion that bad luck just happens to people or things go wrong on purpose.  I do think that bad luck comes to those who don't do three basic things.
       One, the unlucky seem to never be prepared.  Those people who are always ten minutes late for work and always blame it on some situation rather than taking the personal responsibility.  There seems to always be an excuse for every time they are unprepared and forget something.  Have you ever heard someone like this say, " It's not my fault, my ....."   You can pretty much finish the sentence anyway you want.  If you want to over come this in your life, or help someone you know break this brutal habit, offer this advice.
                         1.  Take personal responsibility, and act on it.  Instead of an excuse say, " I am truly sorry for being unprepared, making myself late, and I take full responsibility for my actions.  I have no excuse, please forgive me for being late". - or whatever the thing was that was forgotten.  This almost forces you to be genuine and it plays on your conscience to actually act on it.  Then you must take steps to alter the behavior into more profitable outcomes.  If you can do this first step then you are on your way to making luck work for you.
      Second,  which kind of feeds off of the first one. When did your life's course become determined by your surroundings and not your actions.  This is my absolute largest pet peeve.  When I over hear someone blaming anything but themselves for there situation, I cringe.  I hear others say," it's the governments fault for the way I live", or "my college promised me a job when I got out of school", or "it's my bosses fault as to why I don't make enough" .  Crazy right, I have actually heard these things when I used to work collections.  There is no personal responsibility, but even worse there is no drive to alter the course.
                        2.  Alter your situation. This is the 'act on it' part of the first point.  If you realize you are pointing fingers at everyone but yourself and you do nothing about it you will be worse off than before.  Your conscience will eat you alive, ever wonder why selfish people are so miserable? They know they are selfish, so they get extremely bitter.  After you realize you are guilty of not taking responsibility, you must act on it.  So make a plan, and implement it until you can successfully destroy the finger pointing and the blame game.
      Finally,  When persuading luck to be on your side.  It always helps to have an excellent attitude.   I find it extremely hilarious when you get a dose of 'bad' luck you usually have a dose of 'crappy ' attitude.  Now I know that bad things happen sometimes and it isn't easy to think that things happen because of a certain choice or a specific thing that you did or did not do.  It is better we try to avoid that kind of thinking. 
                     3.  Fill your attitude with awesomeness.  This is generally your overall mindset.  It is alot harder to stay consistent with this aspect than others.  It is also the most rewarding.  Some people think that being negative and judgemental all the time is why they are meant to be in this world.  They wear it as a badge of honor, it is very sad.  They bring other people down and criticize everything they do but never try anything new themselves.  These folks do not have a problem with you, but with themselves.  This is what happens when you become so bitter and prideful you never want to change.  We must avoid this.  Which is why concentrating on having an excellent attitude all the time is so important.  It can turn good moments in great ones, it can turn bad moments into lessons to learn from, and it can turn utter catastrophes into moments of reflection. 

Basically,  if you can take the positive out of every situation, and are grateful for the situations you have then luck can actually turn out to be something you wield as a sword.  Almost at your command, so don't wait on taking the action to remedy your current life's condition.  Make the world a better place because you can.

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