Thursday, April 11, 2013

I want to be a Failure!

Yeah that's right you heard me correctly.  I said that I want to be a failure.  I believe that in order to consider your self a success you have to fail your way there.  

I am excited because every day I have the chance to fail again, learn my lesson and be that much closer to my version of success.  We all have different visions of what we want our success to be.  For some people it is to have an unlimited bank account, for others it may be to have a job other people would be proud to have, others perhaps dream about an attractive spouse to spend the rest of their lives with, maybe your version of success is having just a little more money in your bank account and a little more time to spend with your family.  Whatever your version of success realize that it is failure that brought your there.  It is failure that built the towering success that you may presently be enjoying.  No one succeeds completely the very first time they attempt something. Failure is practice and practice makes perfect.  So go ahead and enjoy in failing, no that failures are only building blocks on your construction of your successes.

We can only be considered a 'true failure' when we totally quit.  Once you throw in the towel and say you will never try again then you are a 'true failure' or what I like to call a loser.  A loser is someone who has be beaten and will never try again.  Don't be a loser be a failure. 

“Failure is success in progress.” – Albert Einstein
So fail on my friends.  The glory of your successes will be lit by the failures you have overcome. 
This is a topic I have been writing a book on for a while now.
The book is titled:  Success Through  Failure
  The book will be available for download, paperback and hardcover by Saturday, April 13 2013.  If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy (paperback or hardcover only ) Please email : and I will send you the info.  Thank you in advance.
Otherwise as always check out the website, which is where the downloadable version of the book will be available.