Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Three Reasons We Need to Embrace Failure

      Too many people are distracted by too many things to be able to focus on their lives and what they are supposed to accomplish in them.  We have a purpose we are here; some know their purpose others do not.  I want to help motivate you to find yours, if you haven't.  If you have found your; I want to push you to act on it.

      Go ahead strike out on your own and fail.  It will probably be the best thing that ever happened to you.  Find your purpose and act on it.
1. Failure makes up everything.

Every product you have ever purchased, book you have ever read or movie you have ever watched all have something in common.  They were at one point in their existence a failure.  Things don not just happen to come out of ideas as successes.  They require work and persistence to turn into something viable or meaningful.  Failure is part of everything.

2. Make Failure a part of your life.

Embrace failure as a staple of your thinking.  We need to attack our thoughts and turn our failures into successes. The only way to do that is to make failure part of our daily lives.  By doing this we become comfortable with it and how it makes us feel.  From the experiences of failure we can teach ourselves to succeed.  So fail some more and gain the knowledge necessary from those failures.  Accept that to gain any type of victory there must be a failure along the way or it won't be a worthy pursuit.  If it is too easy we may not see the successes.  Fail forward and live with it.  Do not let your emotions keep you from creating your failures and turning them into successes.

3. Failure is required to succeed.

Failed attempts at every product ever conceived.  Would they ever have been invented if someone didn't fail first only to correct the mistakes and build them into inevitable successes?  Never.  If you live your life afraid of failure then you aren't living at all.  Take manageable risks, do something you have always wanted to do and fail at it if you must. At least you will have a story about how you failed, gain the knowledge, apply it and continue on you will find your victory.  It lies in the failures you have yet to uncover.  Beyond those are the sea of your successes.

By: Tim Zugger

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