Friday, April 19, 2013

This is what will make your life complete......

       Time is the one thing we cannot control.  Yet we seem to spend it the most foolishly.  Is everything picture perfect in your life?  Most likely not.   Would you like to have the ability to change some of those things to improve your existence?  Again, most probably would; I would.  I know that I am not perfect and will not be anytime soon (wink wink) so the best I can do is offer my advice as to how we can improve some things to greatly affect our lives and those we share them with. 
1. Time Management

       If you are an organized productive member of society then you most likely have a grasp on this; or possibly need a major overhaul.  Two simple things to make time management easy; number one.

 Clutter causes chaos. 

As a society I personally believe we are too materialistic and have too many things.  That doesn't mean we cannot have nice things or things we want.  I am only stating my opinion; I actually want a lot of things.  But looking at it from the outside one can see that clutter causes stress, forgetfulness, angst, laziness, and apathy.  When we surround ourselves with unnecessary clutter we become disorganized and after a while we accept it, and live with it as the norm.  How many people reading this has a basement, garage, loft or closet with a bunch of boxes of stuff you never use or never will use filling those spaces.  I know I do, every spring I go through every box and throw, donate or give away things.  I only have a few boxes left!  I hold on to my sentimental things but we all seem to accumulate things over the years and never get rid of any of them.  It will make your life so much more simpler if you organize.
Number two:

Slay the stress.

Anyone who knows great time management can tell you; if there are tasks you must complete do those first.  Simplify your schedule and do the tasks that you don't want to do or the most important ones first.  Honestly, by completing your difficult tasks you empower yourself by becoming a motivated working monster who has completed the hardest/ most annoying job of the day and you haven't had your coffee break yet.  Now that you are super motivated because you took down that dragon of a task first thing, you are so motivated to do anything else that needs to be done. 

2. Mindset.

This is paramount in our daily lives.  Every second of every day we our making decisions that can have major implications for our future.  The moment your feet hit the floor and you wake up in the morning you decide what kind of attitude you are going to have for that day.  It could be based on a feeling, or a thought, even a dream.  That decision will carry you through your entire day where you will make other decisions whenever you greet someone or get cut in line at the coffeehouse.  You immediately make a decision on what kind of attitude you are going to emanate.  Everyone sees this nonverbal communication.  You know what I am talking about, you seem someone first thing in the morning with a huge smile on their face and you say; why are you so happy?  You see someone staring at the floor with a blank expression and you ask, what's going on?  You see it everywhere, everyday, every person.  Your attitude will make or break your relationships, career, friends, and even the amount of money we make.  I know it's crazy but there is research to back it up.


Balance is the juggernaut.  The pinnacle.  It is the end all be all in your life;  think of people without balance.  Without balance someone who drinks is an alcoholic, without balance a great worker and provider turns into a workaholic.   You can see where I am going with this, is working hard a bad thing absolutely not unless it interferes with your responsibilities as a mother or father, friend or mentor;  then I would have to say working too much is irresponsible.  It is all about balance just like someone who enjoys a drink here or there.  Every once in a while is fine to have a couple, but when you drink every day and it effects your job, relationships or responsibilities then I guess there is a problem with balance.

Balance is the one thing every single person in the world needs in their lives.  They need to feel fulfilled and have their needs met; and at the same time they need to fulfill the needs of those who rely on them.  Balancing life, family, friends, spirituality, health, work, personal time, sports, vacations, hobbies, needs of others, and what ever else you juggle in your life.  You will find the most fulfilled and 'happiest' people are those who are most balanced.

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