Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Leaders lead, whether they intend to or not

"Leaders lead by example, whether they intend to or not."

      I read a quote yesterday that inspired me to write this.  It goes something like this; " Just keep doing right, because you may be helping someone you've never met." When I heard that I thought it was a great concept.  That your actions in everyday life may be an inspiration to someone else maybe even someone you have never even met.

The most basic principle I can share about effective leadership would be that the greatest leaders don't ever think of themselves as leaders.  They just saw a need and filled the void, and as others watched them do it they were inspired to work along side of the one who first put forth the effort. 

It is mainly that simple,  to be that kind of person isn't an easy thing and a lot of experts say those kind of people cannot be taught.  I do believe some of that kind of thinking is true, that someone can be born with that kind of qualities.  Although, a persons true character comes from decisive actions and choices made to certain circumstances over time.  I truly believe that true leadership qualities come from being lead by a great mentor, having the right kind of attitude towards learning and mistakes, and being able to see the need for leadership when a situation presents itself. 

So basically, through effective teaching and mentoring over time, the right attitude and reaction to downfalls, in conjunction with see a need are the basic fundamentals of a great leader. 

Keep pressing on with your work even if you think no one else notices or even cares, because you may be inspiring someone to continue on with their work.  That may be one of the greatest rewards of your life time.