Monday, March 25, 2013

Two People

What I have been contemplating over the past week or so is just how depressed some  people actually get.  IT bothers me so much that I wanted to tell a story about two very different kind of people.

      When we first encounter Steve we see that nothing is special.  Everything about Steve is average.  He lives in a nice house in a nice neighborhood with a decent car, an average job and a nice girlfriend.    To some people they would consider Steve a success, he has nice things, has worked hard for them, but never gotten anything he has really inspired to have.  He lives to be comfortable.  He lives to be average, it is what he has always done.  His dreams of owning his own construction company have long been forgotten thanks to his seemingly secure job.

      Next we stumble upon the life of Stacey.  She seems to be either out of her mind or unstable.  She lives in a small apartment with her cat and never seems to have a good job or a prospect of a good job.  Yet she is not like Steve, she is always trying something new, always desiring to learn more and above all, she takes risks every week to try to improve her situation.  Her dream is to build a house in the mountains and have a horse farm.  In many peoples eyes she is a failure.  She has no real income, a small place, and not too many nice things.  The genius of Stacey's plan is the potential she carries with her on a daily basis.  It is easy for her to look at someone like Steve and feel like she will never amount to anything but instead she continues working on her ideas and her projects which she plans to one day be able to sell and start saving for her horse farm. 

      If you ask someone who they would rather be like if they had a choice, they would probably choose Steve.  He has nice things, nice house, a nice car. In most peoples eyes the stability that Steve has outweighs the potential that Stacey's life has.  In other words people stick with the 'sure thing' even if it may not necessarily be just that, a sure thing. 

      Lets flash 5 years into the future.  Stacey has become a virtual success by selling a book she wrote and has made enough money to leave her little apartment and start her horse farm in the mountains.  All her hard work and pursuit of her dream has finally paid off, she is now living proof.  Many people call her lucky when she actually just never gave up.  But check out Steve over there, he is no closer to achieving his dream of owning his own construction company because he still does the same average job he was in 5 years ago only now he makes 1.75 more an hour.  He tends to despise people like Stacey because he feels he has done everything 'right' and gone out and gotten a good job and stayed at that job even though it meant giving up on that dream. 

      So I suppose the moral of the story is that your dreams are more powerful than you think they are.  Alot of people may think you're crazy but that just means you're on the right track.  So stay motivated and work even harder.

One more thing:  Never let an unsuccessful person tell you that you won't be successful.