Friday, March 15, 2013

Positive Attitudes Create Profitable Production

(PA) + (CT) = PP$
Positive Attitudes plus Creative Thinking equals Profitable Production

        As silly as it may seem I have shown how attitude can actually make you more money. In this little equation I put some basic human behaviors, just to show how easy it can be to organize your thoughts into making money and making the world a better place.  Negative actions and attitudes inhibit and destroy production, but positive attitudes and actions build and create productive tendencies and habits.  The same goes with thought processes of certain individuals.  As someone who is negative and destructive tears down ideas and possibilities, someone with a positive attitude encourages and creates value for society.  We need more of these people and that is why I am writing this post. To help inspire others to see the greatness that lies in every idea in its infancy.   So many ideas that are never brought to action because of hurtful words of a doubter, or the fear of failure slowly taking over someones brilliant mind. 

      The whole reason my company and I exist is to help encourage the thinkers of this world who haven't given up hope on the greatness of mankind.  Our ideas fuel the future generations of the world.   I for one will not let the lazy, destructive non producers of the world tear down the great and mighty spectacles that create every innovation and new idea.  I want to encourage you to stop being depressed about your current affairs and become entrenched in fighting for you thoughts.  Become engaged in creating something to leave behind to the multitudes for their benefit after you leave this earth.

What we need to see as a society is that great positive attitudes build creative ideas in one another and inspires encouraging abilities in those whom we may have never met.  All positive attitudes are encouraged by a persons individual thinking efforts and the thoughts that they portray towards a situation.  Positive actions and attitudes will build and create other positive actions and attitudes.  Apply these actions toward your everyday lives and prepare to help inspire others. 

Apply your creative thinking toward your ideas that you have cultivated and you can see the momentum start to build.  With consistent effort toward your goals achievement will soon be yours.  It is called failing forward, we all make mistakes especially when building or creating something of value.  Although depression can be a side effect of failure, I can assure you, there is no reason to be depressed it is simply a decision you make, to be depressed because of a certain outcome you have experienced.  The choice is yours decide to pick up on your idea right where you left off.  Your dreams will come true much faster if you can objectively look at things in this light instead of letting any bit of drama blow you off course. 

      Your end result will be a profitable production of your best thoughts and hardest work.  Momentum assures that.  Applied force over time will shape the future of your thoughts, unless you abandon them.  There is an old military quote that says " A battle without end will never be won." How can you expect to conquer your fears and succeed in achieving your goals without profitable production and creative thinking applied over time with consistent energy.  It is simply what it takes to make real money and give yourself the time freedom everyone is looking for in life.

      I hope that these have been encouraging words and look forward to writing some more later.  If you are looking for more information or a mentor.  May I suggest.

Stay positive out there