Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top Five reasons I love my wife...

      There are alot of relationships out there that need a little more of this.  This blogpost is from my heart, it is true.  I believe we would be better off as a society if people treated eachother better.  That starts with how you treat your spouse.  This is intended to help others think about what they love the most about their spouse, and to maybe remind them if they have forgotten.  I am not trying  to boast here, my only intentions are to help those who need some encouragement.

5. Motherhood - My wife is an excellent mother and I give her so much credit for making my house a home.  The way she is with our two sons is amazing. She is patient, loving, and wise.  This is one of the reasons I wanted to marry her in the first place.  She knows how to deal with the children without bias and I appreciate her for all she does for our children.

4. Supportive - People who know me personally know that I am an adventurer through and through and tend to dive into projects rather spontaneously.  I know this can cause alot of stress on a spouse who may not be patient enough or brave enough to see it through but my wife is behind me every step of the way.  Not there to nag me when my crazy idea didn't work but to tell me how she knows that if this idea didn't work then we are one step closer to success with the next one.  She told me shoe will follow me anywhere and I can smile because of that.

3. Her Spirit - The way she carries herself.  She acts like a lady out in public very reserved except with those she is closest to.  This is probably one of the things that makes her so attractive.  She is exceedingly beautiful but there are so many more reasons to love her than aesthetics alone.  The fact that she just has a kind way about her and a peaceful presence is a great thing to have in your life and your home.  I am grateful she is this way.

2. Positive - Like me, she also is very positive.  This was a requirement in marrying me. Just kidding. She always looks at things and how we can make them better instead of letting the worst of the worst get us down.  Everyone goes through their tough times but with her attitude they do not seem so bad.

1. Patient - Anyone can care for another person but the true testament of their love is what they do when the other person hurts them or lets them down.  She is one of  the most patient women I have ever met.  She has always been there, maybe not happy, but never willing to give up on our relationship.  The communication that we have developed has only gotten better over the years and it helps us support eachother everyday.  With her patience everyday is sweeter.

I love my wife and am very grateful for all she does for me and my family.